MYCO Copper Bonded grounding rods probably offer to the installer the best and most economical earth rods available. They are made molecularly bonding 99.98 pure Electrolytic Copper on to a low carbon steel core to thickness upto 0.35mm. They are highly resistent to corrosion, and because the steel used has a very high tensile strength, they can be driven by power hammers to great depths. One common misconception is that the dia of the rod has a drastic effect on lowering earth resistance.

This is not true! Use the most economical rod that soil conditions will allow you to drive. Coupling threads are formed by a rolling process to ensure thread strength and to maintain the durability.

The universally used thread rolling process raises the surface of the rod. Thus thread dia is greater than rod dia.

MYCO Solid Copper Grounding Rods are made from pure EC Copper. These rods are designed for use where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long life is required.

They are ideally used in application where soil conditions are very aggressive, such as soils with high salt content.
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We are pleased to introduce MYCO,

A Company with a varied Profile, incorporated in the year 1961 by Mr. L. H. Agrawal a very God fearing & hardworking man with great ideas & foresight who left no stone unturned as he worked tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Although he had a very humble beginning, but being a visionary with broader perspectiv laid a foundation for endless growth. All his qualities are inherited by his dear son, Mr. Dinesh Agrawal a qualified engineer who have not only added but multiplied to the growth of his venture by sheer professionalism. With so many years of experience & commitments, incorporated not just MYCO but MYCO GROUP of INDUSTRIES the specialist in the field.

Manufacturing all our products IN-HOUSE give us an edge over competitors and complete control from DESIGN TO DELIVERY.

Looking always to future keeps MYCO ahead in Technology and Quality services cause our R&D which is inherently sensitive to customer requirements males sure that MYCO remains synonymous with quality at competitive prices.

An eye for detail makes our product excellent

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Key Persons: Shri Dinesh Agrawal (Managing Director)

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